Rule 1: 

TAKE YOUR HITS! Airsoft is a game based on trust, if you don't call your hits it ruins the day for yourself and everyone else on site. Accusations of cheating by non hit taking will be investigated. ANY Hit counts, whether its on your RIF or big toe, a hit is a hit. The ONLY exceptions are ricochet’s or if it goes through hard cover IE one of our barricades not a tree.

Rule 2:

RESPECT! Always treat other players & marshals with the same respect that you would expect yourself. Any instances of verbally or physically aggressive behaviour will result in a lifetime ban from all SWAS Airsoft sites

Rule 3:

BOUNDARIES! With SWAS operating on current or EX-MOD sites we sometimes encounter areas where we cannot or would not want to access, all of these areas will be clearly marked with orange fencing or black and yellow tape. Do Not Cross this under any circumstance. It is there for your safety and that of others.

Rule 4:

EYE PROTECTION! When outside the safezone you must wear safety goggles at all times without exception. If you have an issue with your eye protection, call loudly for a marshal and they will help. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES REMOVE GOGGLES OUTSIDE THE SAFE ZONE!


SAFE ZONE! NO LIVE WEAPONS in any safe zone. Weapons must be cleared of BBs by removing the magazine and firing a few shots into the ground BEFORE entering the safe zone, then safeties must be engaged. ANYONE caught with a live RIF inside the safe zone will be asked to leave.

General site rules:


ALL BB’s at the RAF Wyton Bloodhound missile site MUST be Biodegradable which is in agreement with the MOD & DIO. Random checks may be carried out during the day to ensure you are using Biodegradable ammunition.

coming to site

EVERY visitor, whether active player or not MUST fill out the basic site access form and return it to us before access to site is allowed, due to the security threats targeting active bases. We WILL require your basic details which includes but is not limited to: Name, Date of Birth, Method of transport, Transport ID/Number Plate. You must complete this as you checkout on the website or book your place.

You must complete this as you checkout on the website or book your place.


£20 PRE BOOKED WALK-ON. Website, email & phone bookings available.

£40 PRE BOOKED RENTAL, Walk-on & 5000 BIO BB’s. Website, email & phone bookings available.

£30 Walk-on - Details will be taken on the day & require extra checks which is why the extra cost.

Game day Timings

Site opens: 8AM

Safety Briefing: 9AM

First Game: 9:30AM

Lunch: 1PM

End of day: 5PM

Age Limits

Minimum age is 12 to play on site but you must have a responsible adult/parent/guardian give their permission and sign off and anyone under the age of 14 must have their responsible adult on the site throughout the day

FPS Limits

AEG's / Shotguns / Pistols: 350 FPS (No MED USE COMMON SENSE)

Spring snipers: 500 FPS ( MED 30 Metres)

Gas & Electric Snipers (DMR) : 500 FPS (MED 30 Metres)



Our Marshals are there for your safety and to ensure you have a fun and safe day. Respect the marshals, their word is 'law'. If you any issues or questions with a verdict or decision, please speak to a member of the team at the safe zone and they will refer it on to the owner.


All Pyrotechnics are to ONLY be used by over 18's.

Any Pyrotechnics used on site MUST be bought through us as in agreement with the MOD.

The 40 Mike is allowed but only in open areas and must be below the face and avoiding sensitive areas. anyone seen abusing this will be asked to leave & 40 Mikes banned.

Green smoke is classed as toxic smoke and classed as a hit if you are in the smoke.

eye protection detail

SWAS Recommends all players to wear a full face mask, but over 18's can wear goggles at your own risk.All eye protection must be on before you leave the safe zone, once you have left the safe zone DO NOT REMOVE your eye protection, If you have an issue with your eye protection, call loudly for a marshal and they will help but do not remove your goggles under any circumstances.


Lasers are permitted but nothing over a Class 2 laser can be in use. Do not shine it in other players faces, if you are found doing so you will be asked to leave.

blind fire & weapon bursts

No dry firing anywhere on our site, you must be behind your rifle before firing, anyone caught doing this will be asked to leave.

3 second bursts on AEG’s and 5 second burst on LMG’s.


There is no climbing allowed anywhere on site on any trees or structures, any and all climbing risks are outlined on your map and if you breach these boundaries you will be asked to leave.

blades and real weapons

NO Blades, knives, real weapons or any other kind of lethal or sharp tools are allowed on site, if found in possession you will be asked to leave site and referred to the police.

blind fire

If you are in the position where you need to fire on an enemy you MUST be behind your weapon, no blind firing round corners or over barricades is tolerated and if found doing so you will be asked to leave.

Weapon Bursts

3 second burst maximum for AEG’s with a maximum 5 second burst for LMG’s as support fire only.